GraphQL Meets Digital Asset Management

Michael Lukaszczyk
Michael Lukaszczyk

February 2, 2018

GraphQL Meets Digital Asset Management

Hey all ?

Today we are pleased to announce the release of a new exciting feature: Asset Model Extension.

You are now able to add custom fields to your uploaded files, like a description or an alt text. Basically, any information you want to store along with your digital assets. This is a crucial feature from the world of digital asset management as it allows you to implement functionality based on your asset's meta information.

It's really simple. You can simply add fields to the asset system model just like with any other model:

  1. Go into your Model view and look for the Asset Model.
  2. Click Add fields and create any field you like.
  3. Switch into the Asset view and click on an Asset.
  4. Add content into the just created field.

Table View for Assets

We are also introducing a new table view for your Assets! See it live in the following clip:

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