Introducing Content Federation

Rapidly deliver digital content at scale

Move away from legacy solutions to the GraphQL native Headless CMS - and deliver omnichannel content API first.

Rapidly deliver digital content at scale

Trusted by over 40,000 teams delivering content to millions across the world

Empowering teams with better content management

GraphCMS is the Headless CMS allowing you to build digital experiences the way you envisioned them - with all your backends, frontends, and services, working together in harmony.

For Engineering Teams

GraphCMS is the ultimate content platform that enables you to deliver ambitious applications at scale, API first, using your preferred frameworks.

For Content Creators

GraphCMS empowers content creators, editors, and marketing teams to create exceptional digital experiences in the way they’ve defined.

For Businesses

Inflexible technologies keep your business from innovating. Integrate all your existing services to deliver content from a single source.

The Content API for Market Leading Applications

The Content API for Market Leading Applications

All you need

Freedom of expression and no templates or other nonsense. Build your digital products API-first and exactly how you envision them

GraphQL Native

GraphCMS harnesses the power of GraphQL.

Query & Mutation APIs

GraphCMS's flexible APIs give you complete read and write support.

Powerful Editors

All the tools to easily manage your content.

Content Localization

Allow your content editors to localize and translate content into any language.


Trigger custom code using flexible & granular webhooks.

Content & Schema Staging

All the productivity workflows you would expect.


Safely retain revisions of your content to revert when needed.

Digital Asset Handling

Inbuilt hosting and on-the-fly transformations of your assets.

Global CDN

All GraphQL requests and assets served from across 190 edge POPs.

Start for free, and scale as you go

Get started in minutes with the fully hosted GraphQL Headless CMS. No credit card or upfront commitments required

Deliver native omni-channel content across all platforms

Engage your customers where they are


Headless CMS for Knowledge Bases, Portals, and Intranets

Give customers the information they seek, and employees the information they need, all with using fewer resources to maintain a better service. It’s a win-win.

Rapidly transforming digital experiences across industries

GraphCMS enhances ROI across the board

Avec uses GraphCMS to power their advertising engine, and deliver personalized content to millions of users.

Avec is the leading business management platform for beauty salons and entrepreneurs in Brazil, used by millions of businesses across the country.

Avec uses GraphCMS to power their in-house advertising engine, delivering personalised promotions and content to millions of users.

Join over 40,000 teams in delivering better digital experiences

  • GraphCMS provides an easy to use tool to help manage and highlight news stories related to Project C.A.T. The platform integrates seamlessly with our website and we are able to upload and distribute stories globally very quickly.

    Matthew Falco
    Matthew FalcoManager at Discovery Communications
  • GraphCMS lets our development team and marketing team to collaborate on the same system very effectively. It's robust enough for the developers to build the features we want, and at the same time flexible enough for our marketing team to make updates, changes, and edits any time we need.

    Albert Yu
    Albert YuSoftware Engineer at Neat
  • GraphCMS allowed us to create different type of content (fitness studios, events, sport items) in a very short period of time and, at the same time, the webhooks and the GraphQL API made it possible to get an easy layer on top.

    Antoine Verger
    Antoine VergerCTO at Fitfox
  • We love GraphCMS as we think it is one of the (if not THE) best headless CMS on the market ... in the last 18 months we've seen amazing progress and we could not be more thrilled how it is going.

    Imre Nagy
    Imre NagyHead of Technology at Travel Weekly
  • When you work with a monolith, you become a spec writer. We needed the abstraction layer and UI on top of it (database), which would have used a large amount of development resources.

    Lars-Flemming Clausen
    Lars-Flemming ClausenSenior Engineer at Telenor
  • We like GraphCMS because it saves us a lot of development time, we don’t constantly have to build new solutions and extend our systems for new ideas. It also has a very intuitive and professional UI that makes it easy for our editors to create new content.

    Rudi Seelig
    Rudi SeeligSenior Backend Engineer at Asana Rebel
  • I love the idea of pure content data in GraphCMS. All applications – and who knows what we will come up with – simply retrieve content via GraphQL and serve it the way we need to at the different touchpoints. Tomorrow we could build an Alexa skill with the existing content structure we already have in place.

    Marvin Weiland
    Marvin WeilandDigital Product Owner and Marketing Manager at DTM
  • My eyes lit up at how easy and intuitive it was to do content modeling with GraphCMS. It gives me unlimited possibilities of what we can connect and build based on what we’re looking for.

    Jenny Nichols
    Jenny NicholsDirector of Publishing at BioCentury Inc.

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