GraphCMS for Content Federation

Control information silos with federated content hubs. Provide your teams with a central repository to create, enrich, deliver, and consume content, ensuring true content federation.

GraphCMS for Content Federation

Trusted by over 40,000 teams delivering content to millions across the world

Mission critical content management, on your terms

Time matters when delivering content at an ambitious scale. GraphCMS provides you with central control of your enterprise content from multiple sources through a unified content layer.

“My eyes lit up at how intuitive content modeling is. GraphCMS gives unlimited possibilities of what we can connect and build...”

“My eyes lit up at how intuitive content modeling is. GraphCMS gives unlimited possibilities of what we can connect and build...”

The BioCentury team uses GraphCMS to programmatically consume and enrich content from several services, sources, and destinations across their organization, resulting in an 81% drop in time to market, and 120% rise in content engagement.

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Goodbye, fragmented content silos

Goodbye, fragmented content silos

Content Federation is the concept of bringing all your services together from a single GraphQL API, managed out of GraphCMS. Connect various data sources, such as headless e-commerce, PIM, or CRM systems, and join information across systems with a single API call to speed up your development process.

Content Federation unlocks programmatic possibilities to let content travel in multiple directions across all your frontends and backends.

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Focus on your business model, not maintenance

Focus on your business model, not maintenance

Your stack is killing your business. The high overheads of maintenance are stopping your teams from working on valuable tasks. Challenge the status quo and meet your ambitious business goals by having your stack work for you, and not against.

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Break down your content silos

Break down your content silos

The modular nature of your content models allows you to create content once and reuse it across all digital channels. This ensures consistency across digital touchpoints, whilst eliminating the need to recreate the same content across multiple locations.

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Content management, no longer a one-way street

Content management, no longer a one-way street

Unlike most Headless CMS, GraphCMS can let you consume customer interactions with your frontend and programmatically distribute them back to your systems.

GraphCMS not only unlocks new possibilities for you with the GraphQL Mutations API, remote fields, and granular webhooks, but gives you complete control on controlling how your information travels in both directions.

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Start for free, and scale as you go

Get started in minutes with the fully hosted GraphQL Headless CMS. No credit card or upfront commitments required

Telenor delights millions of viewers with immersive media entertainment.

The Telenor team needed the scale of a database and ultimately chose GraphCMS to provide the same power with an abstraction layer for content, native localization, and schema builder. With GraphCMS, teams are able to programmatically feed content from multiple sources into GraphCMS which simplifies the work for content editors.

The flexibility that GraphCMS provides to set up and change the project schema as the project grows and develops makes the development of the projects faster and less of a hassle for developers to make changes later on in the development process.

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BioCentury embraces programmatic content unification and structured content.

Prior to switching to GraphCMS the team at BioCentury worked with a monolithic setup built using Drupal6, with a sitemap of over 50,000 indexed pages. The website had a complex structure of academic articles, archives, whitepapers, and conferences, to name a few.

The team struggled to maintain the infrastructure, to deliver the content that they wanted to meet their business needs, and to provide a better UX to their subscribers. These challenges made it clear that they needed to completely reevaluate their infrastructure and start over - choosing to make the move to GraphCMS.

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Leviathan partners with GraphCMS to create stunningly immersive advertising campaigns.

Based in Chicago, Leviathan is a digital design and innovation agency which is part of the Envoy Group.

Leviathan chose GraphCMS to bring their vision for a new client project to life. Large 18ft x 18ft. advertising Displays serve a mixture of generative content, ads, and video on residential and commercial buildings.

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Why GraphCMS

Discover how a GraphQL Headless CMS accelerates your website projects

Goodbye, fragmented content

Stop creating and duplicating content for several frontends across CMS, files, and folders. Unify your content and query everywhere from a single GraphQL API endpoint.

Win the omnichannel race

Take control of your content, and direct where and when it goes. Use a unified platform to deliver to and consume from websites, stores, applications, portals, you name it.

Endless extensibility

GraphCMS programmatically connects with external APIs via API extensions, webhooks, and integrations, to aggregate all your content into one schema to be queried from one GraphQL API endpoint.

Unleash structured content

Embracing structured content with GraphCMS lets you create content once, and deliver it across all digital touchpoints in an optimized and native format.

Supercharge your investments

Overhauling a stack that is unable to scale and mature with your needs is expensive and risky. Extend their capabilities with GraphCMS to eliminate any overheads.

Get set up for success

With industry leading performance, security, and scalability, GraphCMS is trusted by companies ranging from the Fortune 500 to governments and public service companies.

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