User Generated GraphQL Mutation API

A dynamic Create, Update, Delete and Publishing mutation API, served on the fly by your own custom defined schema.

What is a Mutation API?

What is a Mutation API?

The GraphCMS API is, at the core, built from content models. Content Models are custom GraphQL Types comprised of one or more fields.

The Mutation API modifies your content and content models directly.

Create your own Mutation API

Mutate content with GraphCMS

Simple Mutations

Create, Update, Upsert and Delete single content entries with the GraphCMS mutation API.

Batch Mutations

Update and Delete many of your content entries at once with the GraphCMS mutation API.

Upsert & Publishing Mutations

Quickly publish, unpublish content entries with a single mutation. Create entries on the fly if they don't already exist.

GraphQL mutations at a glance

Mutate content via GraphQL with mutations dynamically generated from a custom schema.

mutation {
data: {
title: "GraphCMS mutation API",
slug: "graphcms-mutation-api"
) {

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