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GraphCMS for Fintech & Insurance

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Why GraphCMS

Discover how a GraphQL Headless CMS accelerates your website projects

Platform Agnostic

GraphCMS fits smoothly into your end-to-end platform approach and helps to add a layer for a new way of interactive customer interaction. It’s a backbone for connecting new technologies.

Omni-channel content distribution

Experience true flexibility in delivering native content across all locales and devices, from web and mobile, to wearables and other smart devices.

Marketing at scale

With GraphCMS, you control every aspect of the customer journey. Bring your favourite marketing stack to the party including your preferred tools for analytics, A/B testing and personalization. Localise content for all markets, and deliver SEO friendly content globally.

Global Content Hub

Content teams can deliver all assets across all regions and operating units from a single repository, whether they be landing pages, microsites, or others. Whether using your own CDN or ours, all of your images, video, and other assets, can be stored and edited in GraphCMS.

Security and Governance Controls

Our custom plans include SLA-guaranteed uptime of 99.9%, global CDN caching, and auto-scaling. Custom origin policies, ASN and IP Firewalls, data encryption, and choice of data centre ensure compliance.

Start for free, and scale as you go

Get started in minutes with the fully hosted GraphQL Headless CMS. No credit card or upfront commitments required

GraphCMS Delivers

Forward thinking teams across the world use GraphCMS to deliver better digital experiences

(Card Only) Dextra Case Study
Dextra Rechtsschutz

Dextra and sum.cumo opt to modernize Dextra's tech stack with GraphCMS.

Dextra is a modern insurance company based in Zurich, Switzerland. They partnered with sum.cumo, an agency from Hamburg, to modernise their tech stack, opting for GraphCMS alongside GraphQL and Vue.js.

GraphCMS delivers localised content to their portals and PWA, resulting in exceptional performance, and blazing fast speeds.

Case Study: GraphCMS and

Neat chooses GraphCMS as a content aggregator for FinTech., a Hong Kong-based FinTech company, is a modern alternative to a bank that gives entrepreneurs and SMEs multi-currency accounts that can be opened and managed entirely online.

To complement their cutting-edge tech stack (which includes GraphQL and Next.js) and the need for high powered localization tools, they chose GraphCMS for their revamped digital presence.

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Case Study: GraphCMS and Quickbridge

Quickbridge chooses GraphCMS to power their new static website.

Quickbridge, is a leading alternative business lender providing short-term working capital loans for small to mid-sized businesses nationwide across the US.

GraphCMS provided the QuickBridge team with a straightforward, flexible system that empowered the development team to work quickly to develop the new site.

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