New Documentation on Assets and Nested Mutations

Fabian Beliza
Fabian Beliza

August 29, 2017

New Documentation on Assets and Nested Mutations

We just released a new version of our documentation featuring improvements to the assets section and a new guide on nested mutations!

Assets and Transformations

Our new Assets sections now covers all possibilities you have with image transformations on GraphCMS. Some really powerful tools, like face detection or compression are now explained with simple examples and every possible url parameters.

Blur Faces

Rotate Image

Those are just a small selection of whats possible with image transformation on GraphCMS. Check out all of the transformations right here.

Nested Mutations

We also added a new guide on how to use nested mutations. A very powerful way to create and connect new content nodes or even connect existing ones. View the guide here.

More to come

Expect some more juicy updates to our documentation since we are working on a lot more content!

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