Product Update: July 2020

Ronak Ganatra
Ronak Ganatra

July 29, 2020

Product Update: July 2020

The temperatures are soaring with the summer in full swing in the northern hemisphere, and we’re going full-steam ahead to deliver another batch of updates.


  • Migration tools are here! You can now clone your existing legacy projects to the new GraphCMS.
  • We've released Preview URLs to help content editors preview content directly in their preview environments.
  • Field Validations have also landed, with rules being checked in the CMS interface, as well as when using the Mutation API.
  • Our very own Jamie and Jonathan streamed about Versioning in GraphCMS, while Jesse was joined by Luis from Vercel to talk about deploying a GraphCMS blog to Vercel in minutes.
  • From the community, Arunoda streamed his experience of setting up GraphCMS as a backend for his NextJS blog, while Hawyar has open-sourced his Gatsby & GraphCMS blog starter.

Migration Tools are here

Migration Tools.png

Our highly anticipated migration tool is finally live! If you’re been working on a GraphCMS project under, then get ready to enjoy the all-new CMS!

Create a safe clone from your GraphCMS legacy projects to the new GraphCMS and enjoy the benefits of highly improved performance on the all-new UI, along with content versioning, content staging, more granular webhooks, preview URLs, field validations and many more features and tweaks.

Learn more about migrating your projects.

Preview URLs have landed

Preview URLs.png

Our latest release also brings Preview URLs. Automatically generate preview URLs from template strings and field values. Define a set of URLs per model. A preview button in the content form will appear to help content editors previewing content directly in their respective environments.

Read our docs on Preview URLs.

Introducing Field Validations

Field Validations.png

You can now define custom validations per field with a predefined set of validation methods or fully custom using regular expressions. The validation rules will be checked in the CMS interface directly, and even when using the mutation API.

Read our docs on Field Validations.

GraphCMS in the wild


Arunoda recently took some time away from building his NextJS course (which is coming along great) to play around with GraphCMS - by converting a NextJS blog to use GraphCMS as the backend, featuring blog posts, comments, incremental builds, and preview support. Considering this was his first time using GraphCMS, we were blown away with what he put together so quickly and loved the feedback and engagement coming in from his stream. Watch the recording here.

Jamie & Jonathan.png

In our last release, we rolled out Versioning. Our very own Jamie and Jonathan went live to show what that looks like in action. Check out a recording of their stream here.

Vercel (1).png

Following our release of the GraphCMS NextJS blog on the NextJS Examples repo, Jesse went live with Luis Alvarez from the Vercel team to talk about Deploying a blog to Vercel in 5 minutes. This one is unmissable!


And lastly, Hawyar from the GraphCMS community took that very blog starter to the next level. Check out his blog website template powered by GraphCMS and Gatsby with some pretty neat features, using ChakraUI. It is currently open-source on GitHub and you can check out the live demo here.

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