Product Update: May 2020

Ronak Ganatra
Ronak Ganatra

May 25, 2020

Product Update: May 2020

Its been an exciting month for us as we constantly keep the product updates rolling. We've also made updates and improvements to our GraphCMS examples repo - continue reading for all the details.

Product Updates

On the product side we're on track with rolling out updates and features.

Our latest release adds Environments. Each project has a minimum of one Environment called master. Higher plans include multiple environments for testing alternative variations of the schema in a safe way, without mutating your production schema.

Environments let you iterate on your schema design without breaking your production app. All settings except Roles, Users, Permissions and Billing are unique to each environment. That means that locales, endpoints, auth tokens and more will be encapsulated to the individual environment you are working with.

To learn more about working with environments, refer to our documentation.

We've also released custom Content Views & View Groups, optimized Asset Lightbox Preview (Copy Asset URL), and rolled out Input arguments for CreatedAt, PublishedAt, and UpdatedAt.

To keep an eye on all the changes, refer to our Changelog, and to join the discussion on what we should start working on to improve your workflow with GraphCMS, contribute your opinion to our roadmap.

GraphCMS Examples

The GraphCMS examples repo has gotten an update!

You can now reference our collection of examples, tutorials and guides, to get you started with GraphCMS - with NextJS, NuxtJS, Gridsome, Gatsby, Vue, and more.

Here's a list of all the examples we've recently added:

Along with a massive thank you to UnlyEd for creating examples using GraphCMS:

If you have created any examples with GraphCMS and want to see them featured there, reach out via our on-site chat on!

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