Supporting Multiple Regions

Fabian Beliza
Fabian Beliza

October 19, 2017

Supporting Multiple Regions

At GraphCMS, we constantly want to improve user experience and invest into new features. We also want to deliver the highest performance possible, no matter where you are located.

While we are still working on content localization (it's ready very soon, I promise ? ) and more features to come in the next months, we are happy to introduce our newest feature today:

Region Support

In the past, we only had one possible region available: EU (Ireland). Due to high demand we now also support Asia Pacific (Tokyo) and US West (Oregon). With lower latency to our API, you can now enjoy a even more improved performance.

World Map Regions

How To Use

When creating a new GraphCMS project, you will be able to choose from the three available regions:

How to

Currently we are not able to move existing projects to a new region. But if you want to do so, we are happy to support you with the migration of your project to a new region-supported project.

Stay tuned for some awesome features coming in the next few months!

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