Case Study: GraphCMS and K+S

Fast deployments and developer productivity boost enjoyed by K+S when running GraphCMS as a Headless CMS for Mobile.

Case Study: GraphCMS and K+S

The key technical reasons for selecting the system were the straightforward setup and the easy development flow facilitated by the option to create test projects free of charge.

Fabian Tewes
Fabian TewesProject Manager at Colorfy GmbH

K+S is Europe’s largest supplier of potash for use in fertilizer and the world's largest salt producer. Founded in 1889, the company today has about 15.000 employees and is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

One of the recent projects of the K+S Innovation Lab is the Urban Farming App. The vision behind the platform is to improve local access to fresh urban-farmed products, encourage a sustainable food supply chain and create an unforgettable shopping experience for users.


The Urban Farming provides a wide range of information to the user about sustainable farms and businesses. From relevant events to a map of urban farms in your area, the user can more easily engage with the sustainable businesses in their communities.


GraphCMS powers the entire Urban Farming app content including locations, events, and businesses.

What mattered most to K+S when choosing GraphCMS?

  • Chasing ambitious deadlines, the teams of K+S and their partners at the app development agency Colorfy could achieve an extremely fast time to market thanks to GraphCMS.
  • Multi-language support, another key business requirement, ensures a seamless international expansion for the project.
  • Developer productivity was a major priority for the project. It was boosted by the intuitive drag-and-drop schema creation feature and the ability to debug code easily right inside the platform, using the GraphCMS API Explorer. The consistent and powerful GraphQL implementation provided the tech team with additional benefits like the automatically generated documentation about the API of the app and the code auto-complete function within GraphCMS.

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