Case Study: GraphCMS, Ketchum, and

Effortless management of user-generated content and immediate productivity, with a Headless CMS for Mobile Apps.

Case Study: GraphCMS, Ketchum, and

The key reasons for signing up with GraphCMS were ease of build (resulting into a very fast launch of the web app), ease of access, and that it’s super simple to operate.

Darren Young
Darren YoungDirector at Ketchum

Technology Playmaker Awards is an initiative by to highlight and recognize the amazing achievements women are making in the ever-growing and dynamic world of technology. The website of the Technology Playmaker Awards is built and maintained by Ketchum, a leading global communications consultancy, powered by GraphCMS for a third consecutive year.


The entire content of Technology Playmakers Awards is managed with GraphCMS – landing page, nomination categories, image galleries, video content, and nomination forms.


What mattered most to Ketchum and when choosing GraphCMS?

  • While the APIs of most content management systems are limited to read operations, GraphCMS also enables write operations (GraphQL mutations).
  • They make any sort of complex user-generated interactions possible – surveys, contact forms.
  • GraphCMS gives content creators and IT teams the freedom of expression to flexibly build applications according to their own timeline and vision.

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