Case Study: GraphCMS and Prifina

Prifina choose GraphCMS as the high-performance content backend to power their structured content needs across their application interface.

Case Study: GraphCMS and Prifina

When we brought GraphCMS to the technical team for their approval, they were excited to work with GraphCMS. This made it an easy decision.

Valto Loikkanen
Valto LoikkanenCXO

Days to model content. Not weeks.


Increase in Content Velocity

About Prifina

Prifina is a fast-growing Silicon Valley data technology startup that empowers individuals to take control of their data and be the authority of this information. It works in two ways. Firstly, individuals are able to store data in their personal data clouds using automated functionality like software robots and APIs. Individuals then have a single place for all their data.

Secondly, using Prifina, developers can build apps that run on top of user-held data and offer solutions that are directly tailored to users. The data and applications run in the user’s personal data cloud. This means that the users remain in control of their data and processing happens in the cloud itself as opposed to a third-party server. This means that individual users are able to retain control of their data and the value it captures.

Despite having previous experience with a headless CMS that offers a content API, Prifina opted for GraphCMS for a variety of reasons.

GraphCMS is GraphQL native, meaning that the logic behind many of the features and functions matches expectations for a GraphQL application rather than being a REST-based API with a GraphQL layer on top. GraphCMS’ GraphQL API offers superior performance compared to the other options.

The UI of GraphCMS is clean and straight-forward without compromising on functionality, making it easy to quickly model data without a large learning curve. The ability to easily implement localization was also a key factor for Prifina throughout the evaluation process.

The Project

As Prifina began to evaluate their tech stack, they knew they wanted to implement a headless CMS to help manage some of their static content. This includes information such as tooltips, terms and conditions, and other information that needed to be stored in a central content hub that could be accessed via API. Because other elements of the tech stack were based on GraphQL, it was also essential that the headless CMS have a GraphQL API as well.

Prifina’s team often works asynchronously. Therefore, it was essential that developers be able to set up the content structure and then pass the reins to the content team without a lot of tweaks needed from the development team. Ensuring the content team has the autonomy to create new content and edit existing content within the application was essential. These needs were satisfied by GraphCMS.

“We like it from the perspective of the business users. When we brought GraphCMS to the technical team for their approval, they were excited to work with GraphCMS as well. This made it an easy decision to know we were choosing the best solution for our use case.”

Valto Loikkanen, CXO

As the functionality of Prifina becomes more robust, the team hopes to continue to implement GraphCMS throughout their product to create a central content hub of information. The broader tech stack of Prifina includes modern technologies such as GraphQL, AWS Serverless, React, Storybook, and Node. In fact, Prifina recommends using GraphCMS as a backend to approve new apps when third party developers build personal data applications.

Why GraphCMS?

  • High performing, stable GraphQL API which can be integrated into the core application

  • Sleek UI which has an intuitive structure without compromising on features

  • Scalable software making it a long term solution

  • Native GraphQL application which integrates well with the rest of the tech stack

  • Headless CMS which gives the development and content teams greater autonomy of their work

To learn more about working with structured content and powering applications with demanding content needs, get in touch with our team.

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