Case Study: GraphCMS and Si Vale

Si Vale uses GraphCMS to power their high-traffic marketing website, delivering vouchers to millions of users with a Headless CMS for Marketing.

Case Study: GraphCMS and Si Vale

After the initial implementation of GraphCMS, the marketing team virtually needs no further support from our developers anymore.

Juan García Gómez
Juan García GómezExecutive Director of Customer Experience at Si Vale

Si Vale is the Mexican branch of the international group, Up, which has a presence in 29 countries, more than 3400 employees and over 24 million users around the world. Si Vale offers a variety of loyalty programs and voucher initiatives connecting businesses, employees, and customers.

p1Stache is a Mexico City-based digital experience and technology agency focusing on user-centric product design.

GraphCMS is at the core of Si Vale’s new web page and delivers all of its content. The Product and Innovation team of Juan Pablo Garcia Gomez (Executive Director of Customer Experience), in cooperation with the digital agency, p1stache, changed the entire web experience of Si Vale users in an ambitious project with tight deadlines. Increasing brand awareness and generating new leads were the key objectives of the digital initiative.

As a next step, Juan's team will integrate GraphCMS and the marketing platform Hubspot. They will streamline their user acquisition activities and improve the number and quality of customer leads.


A key requirement in the procurement process of Si Vale was finding a user-friendly system that marketing people would use daily, without having to rely on the IT team for any support. Information about new products and promotions needs to be published constantly, so every minute counts.

Meeting a challenging deadline (of just a few weeks!) required the CMS to allow a flexible and fast data model setup.

Lastly, the CMS had to be easily integrated with a pre-existing front-end code base.

80% of the front-end design was already there. If it was not possible to adapt the content schema to the existing front-end designs, months of work would have been wasted.

Mauricio Aviles - CTO of p1stache

What mattered most to Si Vale when choosing GraphCMS?

  • From a strategic point of view, GraphCMS is at the center of Si Vale’s web presence. The tech stack is complemented with Angular 6 for the front-end and Angular Universal for server-side rendering. Other connected systems supporting the marketing efforts of the company include Google Analytics and Microsoft Dynamics.
  • As a headless CMS, GraphCMS means no template hassle and constraints. The marketing team can focus entirely on writing and delivering the most effective content possible.
  • From a developer point of view, GraphQL not only improves the productivity of the team, but also lays the groundwork for efficiently connecting further digital initiatives of Si Vale, such as its mobile app with over 600,000 monthly active users.

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